David Brydon

David Brydon

As a kid, every week we would go over to the neighbour’s to watch Space: 1999 on their colour TV. The show had a big impact on me, and as a kid, I even made a commlock from pictures I found in Starlog magazine with a battery-powered light for the screen.

I loved the thought of living on Moonbase Alpha and flying around on the Eagle Transporter, even pretending to be Alan Carter. Later on, I internationally ordered the Moonbase Alpha technical notebook ringbinder, which I spent many hours pouring over. 

Miraculously (but sadly), although many years have passed, I still only have the Moonbase Alpha ringbinder cover. With my 60th birthday looming, I wanted to build a large model kit, and the Eagle Transporter was an easy choice as I had always loved it. My wife purchased the MPC 22’’ kit, which I am building, painting and lighting in the rescue pod configuration. 

Although I especially loved the first season, the Eagle holds a dear place for me, and I very much look forward to your completed movie.