June 1-2, 2024

After a busy week in London, Jeffrey flew to Louisville, Kentucky for WonderFest 2024. This
annual show is a massive celebration and expo for model builders and collectors of all ages.
Jeffrey was joined at WonderFest by the leaders of the Space: 1999 Props & Ships Facebook
group and members of “The Eagle Obsession” production team. Nick Tate (Captain Alan Carter
in Space: 1999) also flew from London to attend WonderFest with us. Nick spent the entire
weekend signing autographs and sharing stories with his fans.

As the end of the weekend approached, Nick and Jeffrey shared a special presentation with an
eager audience. Addressing the full theater, Jeffrey began by playing a brief preview of the
documentary footage that has been completed. He also shared behind-the-scenes footage and
stills from the past year of production. Jeffrey and Nick both took questions from the audience
about Space: 1999 and about making “The Eagle Obsession.” A short promo video was also
shared announcing the FutureDude Special Edition Eagle Transporter kit which is being
produced in partnership with Round 2. When the presentation ended, Nick and Jeffrey received
a standing ovation from the crowd.