“The Eagle Has Landed” is now “The Eagle Obsession”

“The Eagle Has Landed” is now “The Eagle Obsession”

The concept for this documentary originated in 2022 with an idea from FutureDude Entertainment founder, writer/director Jeffrey Morris. He envisioned a personal journey where he would explore the origins and cultural impact of the Eagle Transporter from Space: 1999 captured as a visually stunning feature-length documentary. This journey then began under the working title; “The Eagle Has Landed.”

Jeffrey has learned about the origins of the Eagle from its creator, visual effects artist Brian Johnson. He’s spoken to its most famous pilot, Nick Tate, who played Captain Alan Carter in Space: 1999. Artists and authors from around the world have described how they have been inspired by this amazing fictional vehicle. We’ve even discussed space exploration with a man who has actually walked on the Moon, Apollo 16 astronaut Charles Duke.

As production continued, it became clear that we were tapping into something very special. Why had so many been impacted in one way or another by the Eagle? What drove fans to collect, create custom artwork, and even build an incredible 25′ version of this iconic ship? Why does it still resonate five decades later? This was a love, a passion… an obsession. Then it hit Jeffrey, a title that more appropriately represented what this journey has become: “The Eagle Obsession.”

We can’t wait to share the results of this epic journey of discovery, now known as “The Eagle Obsession,” in 2025. Get a taste from our exclusive 12-minute preview here.