Reimagining Classic ‘Space: 1999’ Scenes with Visual Effects

Reimagining Classic ‘Space: 1999’ Scenes with Visual Effects

An exciting element of The Eagle Obsession will be new visual effects sequences that reimagine scenes from Space: 1999.

Recently, director Jeffrey Morris envisioned a new version of a key moment in the classic episode “War Games,” where Eagle pilot Alan Carter takes out an enemy craft—known as a  Mark IX Hawk—in a spectacular space battle.

In order to realize the scene, Jeffrey decided to first employ some old-school magic to set the stage. He  enlisted the help of Associate Producer John Avery, and the duo filmed some of the models at the FutureDude offices against a green screen.

The individual elements were later composited via Adobe Photoshop by artist Anthony Taylor into a set of elaborate storyboards that depicted Jeffrey’s vision for the shot. The images were sent to Visual Effects Supervisor Tobias Richter at The Light Works in Cologne, Germany.

There, he used 3D models of the Eagle and Hawk that Tobias built with his team of VFX artists. After a couple of weeks of animation and rendering, the final results are spectacular. This is just scratching the surface of what Jeffrey has in store for fans of Space: 1999 and the Eagle.