APRIL 27-30, 2023

I attended the CALGARY: 1999 event on Saturday, April 29th for a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the production of Space: 1999. There, I was able to meet fans from all around the world and was blown away by their love of the series and devotion to keeping the flame alive. I also met actor Nick Tate, who played the iconic astronaut Captain Alan Carter on the show — a major childhood hero of mine. I’m excited to share that we really hit it off! I’m thrilled to work with him on the actual documentary when we shoot together later this year.

Dozens attended the event from around the world, including people from Germany and England. Props, vehicles and memorabilia were on display from the series, including actual miniatures used in the production 50 years ago. (I’m holding one of them in the photo below – an EAGLE 3). This was a mind-blowing and emotional experience – who would have thought that nearly 50 years after seeing them fly across my TV screen, I’d actually hold them in my hands!

Lastly, I shot footage and made a special presentation about my forthcoming documentary, The Eagle Has Landed.

“Space: 1999 has a very passionate following worldwide, and Jeffrey’s presentation was the true highlight of our days’ events last month in Calgary,” said Warren Friedrich, creator and leader of the event. “The positive reception he received, along with a plethora of excited and enthusiastic fans all coming together was a privilege to take part in for everyone.” 

The Eagle Has Landed documentary, Friedrich added, represents a culmination of shared ideas and imaginations – ideas that, even after 50 years, still leave a lasting impact. 

“The Eagle allowed us to dream,” he said. “It allowed us to envision a future not so distant from our own NASA excursions and adventures, but to also continue to look up at the night sky in wonder and amazement.”