JUNE 9-11, 2023

I attended Wonderfest, a special celebration of models and miniatures from the world of science fiction and fantasy. There, I interviewed the gang from the Space: 1999 Props & Ships Facebook group about their love of the Eagle from the perspective of collectors and model builders.

I learned a ton about the depth and breadth of the community – which includes tens of thousands of people worldwide. One of their recent efforts? Encouraging the legendary company Round 2 / MPC to create a new series of extremely high-quality Eagle models!

I think the most important aspect of the discussion was exploring the link between the Apollo Program hardware and the vehicles of Space: 1999. The fans agreed there’s a serious connection, and it’s part of why they love the ship as much as I do.

During the event, I also had the opportunity to interview and speak alongside actor Nick Tate, known for his role as Captain Alan Carter in the 1970s sci-fi series Space: 1999. Nick had previously expressed his support for the development of The Eagle documentary when we were both on the podcast Todd’s Corner last February, and I can’t wait to shoot with him later this year for the documentary!

As the official kickoff for the documentary’s filming process, Wonderfest was a fun and exciting way to launch the project.